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Office Fox believe that Incredible things can happen when long standing and trusted partnerships are utilised to the customers benefit, and our unique approach to managed print services and our many success stories demonstrate this.



Managed Print Partnerships

Our partnerships ensure that regardless of your requirements, geography and aims we will always have the very best solution to meet your needs.

We don’t accept just any manufacturers or resellers as partners: They are all carefully selected based upon their proven capabilities, and as we’ve worked with them for many years we know which will perform best for each of our customers.

  • All existing Finance Remaining Paid up to 3.5 years

  • First 50,000 Mono prints Free of charge (Subject to contract term)

  • Minimum 22% total contract cost reduction guarantee

  • Annual Break clause contract options available

We partner with manufacturers and resellers who provide class leading hardware, software and services, which ensures that we can offer the very best solutions to our customers across our entire portfolio.

These partnerships also provide us with a global reach that very few, if any independent managed print and document providers in the UK can match.

Our passion for collaboration also extends to our customers: we never view any project as a “one-off” because we know that by taking a proactive approach to our customer relationships, they in turn become our partners for the long term.

In the managed print industry, its estimated that approximately 45% of customers are dissatisfied with their existing print provider and actively seek new providers when renewing agreements.

We live by the adage that retaining customers is better than seeking new customers so our primary objective is to retain all of our customers by providing the highest levels of service. We’re proud of this aim and even more proud that we’re successful in this.

The Circular Paper Economy

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Managed Print Products

A3 high volume, high speed production

A3 Colour Department

A4 colour desktop & department

A4 mono desktop and retail

Large Format Print and Scan

Label printing for retail and distribution

Home working

Print Management Software

Projection & Display

Meeting Room Display

Education Projectors

Heat-free process

Laser printers must heat up to 200℃ before printing. No warm up time on Epson products means less time

Cut CO² by up to 92%

Typical desktop laser printers use up to 1,000 watts to produce just a single page. Epson products produce the same page faster using no heat and drawing just 25 watts.

Fewer parts, greater yield

Business inkjet’s simpler process means there are no heavy plastic and metal drums, developers or fusers required while high yield ink bags provide up to four years worth of usage from day one.

Cut waste plastic by 95%

Produce up to 150,000 pages from a single set of inks with no spare parts required. Significantly reduce environmental impact and user intervention with a lighter and simpler supply chain.

Energy Intensive laser Vs heat-free Epson

High yield ink supplies simplify your supply chain

Our specialist sectors

We excel in serving these sectors but we can help you no matter what you do.


Office Fox supply acute hospitals, GPs, mass vaccination centres and ambulance stations with a range of products that meet their specific requirements.


Epson Business Inkjet delivers unique benefits for retailers. Heat-free printing means that Epson products can be safely placed within compact offices or within in-store shelving or racks. High yield ink bags can cut staff intervention by up to 90%.


From print rooms requiring 100 page per minute high volume output to hybrid workers who need low cost home solutions, Office Fox supply a range of products to fit.


Office Fox supply schools with projectors and reliable print equipment and automated supplies.


Office Fox supply schools with projectors and reliable print equipment and automated supplies.


Office Fox supply schools with projectors and reliable print equipment and automated supplies.

Let’s talk

We’re here to support your office requirements and provide our on-demand expertise to help you stride forward. To discuss how we can work together, get in touch today.