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AV Technology

AV technology has been a vital part of our day-to-day life. The industry has been defined by technological advancements which has helped many businesses and educational settings to overcome the barriers of working or studying remotely.

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Office Fox was established in February 2015, Since this date Office Fox have established a strong relationship with the Main manufacturers for Audio visual technology system design and integration, As well as a team that has a history of product design, new product development and electronics prototyping.

After working on a number of projects involving bespoke av equipment, We identified a variety of shortfalls in the market, and AV Technologies was established to address these. The Office Fox team has quickly become known for their expert technical knowledge and experience in the field of AV product design and manufacture. Our products are renowned for their superb build quality and user-friendliness, and can be found across some of the UKs most prestigious Conference and Events Centres and in many sites across the NHS/ Government & commercial organisations with a string presence in Education over the last 3 years.

Please contact us today to see how we can help you with your AV product requirements.

Large Format Displays

With many sectors trying to recoup the losses of 2020, it has never been more important for businesses to put their products and services in-front of as large an audience as possible. For many, this involves utilising Large Format Displays (LFD). With high brightness, Vibrant colour and a single viewing area unblemished by cross-hatchng, these dazzling displays light up everything from classrooms to city centres. Bringing a brand to hundreds with single presentation.

Unified Communications & Collaboration

The term “unified communications and collaborations” or UC&C solidified its relevance last year when majority of businesses moved to remote working. The market continues to grow with companies defining their UC&C strategies while also transitioning into hybrid working.

High-end Displays & Image Processing

Video walls allow you to explore the physical spaces with creative and engaging content, presented on the big scale. Built from a customer-designed tiles or panels, video walls can be almost any size or shape – from a 2×2 panel display in a reception area to the entire facade of a building, the ribbon around a sports pitch, or inside of a dome. When it comes to exploring the possibilities of video walls, you are only limited by your imagination!


The widespread appeal for projectors has gone beyond the classroom and boardrooms and into living rooms, hospitality and further… While end-users demand Full HD and 4K models, the key market driver has in fact been the introduction of projectors that are laser light sourced. This new technology allows not only enhanced image capabilities and a longer product life, but it is also more cost effective and environmentally friendly than ever before.

Small Format Displays

It’s said that great things come in small packages, and it’s certainly true for Small Format Displays (SFD). Once confined to the desktop, SFDs have now infiltrated every walk of life. From the supermarket shelves to the corporate reception, they are everywhere displaying messages, delivering useful information and providing engaging retail experiences.

Commercial and Consumer TVs

As technology becomes cheaper and quality continues to improve exponentially, large screen Consumer TVs are more popular than ever. We are seeing the shift to go bigger, better, smarter and TV brands are delivering.

It’s undeniable how much impact TVs have on our day-to-day life. From adding value to a luxury hotel room to making hospital patients feel more comfortable, TVs play a vital role in our lives and the technology must reflect this. Now, when checking into a hotel room, it’s not uncommon to encounter a 55in TV with UHD upscaling and 4K resolution.

AV Solutions

In the professional AV world, the current focus is on AV-over-IP or AVoIP. This technology is a logical next step for the industry, reshaping the future of control and system management. The AVoIP is no longer a topic of discussion in the professional AV space but is being integrated in a wide spectrum of sectors and businesses. It is very important to implement and invest in the right AV technology for long-term success.

Mounts & Accessories

As the AV industry grows, having the right mounts and accessories to go with them becomes increasingly important. With new innovations in the mounts industry, small to large displays, televisions, projectors and audio equipment are able to be seamlessly integrated into their environment.

Workplaces are also calling for improvements in the ergonomics of their technology. From height adjustable monitor arms to the popular sit-stand workstation, improving employee wellbeing has been shown to drastically increase productivity rates.

Our specialist sectors

We excel in serving these sectors but we can help you no matter what you do.


Office Fox supply acute hospitals, GPs, mass vaccination centres and ambulance stations with a range of products that meet their specific requirements.


Epson Business Inkjet delivers unique benefits for retailers. Heat-free printing means that Epson products can be safely placed within compact offices or within in-store shelving or racks. High yield ink bags can cut staff intervention by up to 90%.


From print rooms requiring 100 page per minute high volume output to hybrid workers who need low cost home solutions, Office Fox supply a range of products to fit.


Office Fox supply schools with projectors and reliable print equipment and automated supplies.


Office Fox supply schools with projectors and reliable print equipment and automated supplies.


Office Fox supply schools with projectors and reliable print equipment and automated supplies.

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We’re here to support your office requirements and provide our on-demand expertise to help you stride forward. To discuss how we can work together, get in touch today.