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Why choose Office Fox Finance?

Office Fox can source your business preferential rates from over 60 handpicked partners.

Over 30 years’ Experience
UK wide coverage & support
Industry Leading Rates. No Hidden Fees.
Quotes In Minutes, Funding In Days
95% Approval Rate
Dedicated Account Manager

A Relationship That Just Works

Tired of the same repetitive struggles with your existing franking machine or print supplier, but stuck in a lengthy contract?

Get in contact today and one of our consultants will give you options to improve your finance agreement.

FX2 is an exciting new Finance/ Rental option from Office Fox

This innovative product enables us to offer a ‘three month’ deferral on your customer’s initial rental payment, We are also the only business in the UK that will “Freeze” your rental payments in place should another lockdown or other issues arise should you be unable to use your equipment as usual. This gives YOU the customer the product benefits immediately and avoids over spending on equipment you are unable to use due to unforeseen circumstances.
It’s a win-win for your business and further flexibility as we go deeper into 2022 and beyond.


Want to know more information and the qualification details?
Then, please contact your Office Fox Account Manager Today!

We offer businesses the opportunity for Office Fox to manage your existing finance contracts for you by providing:

A Dedicated Account Manager

UK Support Team

Simplified Consumable Ordering and Agreed Pricing

Invoices How You Want To Receive Them

What ever stage you at in your existing agreement we can assist by managing this for you.

This way you get the customer service you would expect and we get to show you the benefits of working with us

Industry Leading Equipment Finance Options

How do you keep up with ever-evolving technology or acquire enough machinery to meet the requirements of a new contract?

With equipment finance you have the comfort of knowing that technology related purchases can be upgraded at any point thus protecting you from ageing assets, while your budget will also stretch further allowing you to invest in more machinery to see off the competition. Fixed monthly repayments allow you to see a return on your investment from day one.

Discover Equipment Finance

We can help get your business moving in the right direction

Equipment, we can all agree it’s one of the first things a business will acquire when expanding, even before employing people just like you and me. Whether it be a laptop or an industrial piece of machinery, they are usually vital to the company’s existence. That is why Clear Equipment Finance is at the heart of our company, it’s what we were built on and we understand why getting the best terms possible is vital to your business.

Get access to the equipment your business needs, without compromising your cash flow.

Key benefits

There is no asset we won’t consider from tangibles to intangibles, even 100% software. The team at Clear finances a wide variety of capital equipment across all market sectors.

VAT deferrals

Seasonal payments

(pay less during your quiet months)

No deposit required

Guaranteed ownership

Upgrade at any point

Payments are 100% tax deductible

Fixed repayments

(Monthly, Quarterly or Annually)

Settle at any point you are not locked in

Terms from 1 – 7 years

Equipment finance explained

Ideal for those looking to protect themselves against asset depreciation or where ownership isn’t necessary. With a lease agreement you are effectively renting the equipment for an agreed term with the option to upgrade at any point, ensuring your business always has the latest kit. Acquisitions with leasing allow you to minimise or even remove upfront fees and also spread the VAT over the length of the contract. Instalments are pre-set, allowing you to more effectively forecast outgoings. You will always get the option to continue using the equipment at the end of the term.

In a nutshell, a Higher Purchase agreement contains the option to purchase the asset at the end of the term for a pre agreed fee. Higher Purchase is a common choice for businesses looking to avoid the large upfront outlay associated with acquiring assets that have a high residual value. Breaking down the expense over time will help to
protect your cash flow while you’ve got the added comfort of knowing your repayments are contributing to your eventual ownership. At the beginning of the agreement, an initial deposit is usually paid, the amount of which can vary, for example, you might choose to pay a higher deposit in order to reduce the on-going monthly payments.

Management and Design

An operating lease is typically reserved for assets that are not prone to rapid depreciation and where the client has no need for ownership. To calculate the repayments on an Operating lease the funder will estimate the future value of the equipment, alternatively known as the Residual Value.

The total rentals repayable are based on the total cost less the residual value. Subsequently the repayments are lower and more attractive to the lessee. Effectively the finance provider has projected that at the end of the lease term the equipment will have a resale value higher than the residual value, therefore covering the shortfall. For this reason the operating lease term will always be shorter than the expected life cycle of the asset.

Thousands of companies every year benefit by releasing capital from their (unencumbered) assets, receiving a massive cash flow boost to grow and expand their business. Alternatively, if revenue from a recent equipment investment is slower than anticipated, re-finance is a way of releasing the cash back into your business bringing ROI into reach.
Whatever the reason, a cash injection from the equipment you already own could be a viable alternative to traditional forms of funding. You will also have the added comfort of knowing you crucially still retain usage of the asset.

Our specialist sectors

We excel in serving these sectors but we can help you no matter what you do.


Office Fox supply acute hospitals, GPs, mass vaccination centres and ambulance stations with a range of products that meet their specific requirements.


Epson Business Inkjet delivers unique benefits for retailers. Heat-free printing means that Epson products can be safely placed within compact offices or within in-store shelving or racks. High yield ink bags can cut staff intervention by up to 90%.


From print rooms requiring 100 page per minute high volume output to hybrid workers who need low cost home solutions, Office Fox supply a range of products to fit.


Office Fox supply schools with projectors and reliable print equipment and automated supplies.


Office Fox supply schools with projectors and reliable print equipment and automated supplies.


Office Fox supply schools with projectors and reliable print equipment and automated supplies.

Let’s talk

We’re here to support your office requirements and provide our on-demand expertise to help you stride forward. To discuss how we can work together, get in touch today.