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Office Fox believe in

a working a serviced a maintained your office.

This is what we do…

At Office Fox, we are all about improving your office work space and to ensure your business can run effectively in or outside of the office space

Whether it be from your home, office, or a blend of the two. We focus on getting the client what they need now and to support a New way of working in an agile working environment with various different work change scenarios supported across the UK & Globally in MPS, Scanning, Telephony & Office furniture spaces, Fit outs and storage.

We like to provide a consultative approach and can supply your business with multiple products and solutions from office equipment, software, Office Refits, to and support.

Accompanied by our overall ethos on supporting clients in a new challenging way of working due to Covid19 in order to help you and your team to succeed in any workplace environment.

We are passionate about working with our clients to enable them to have never seen before access to direct manufacturer trade pricing, Our business finance rates with ALL banks in the UK and improved service levels, By giving this visibility it not only creates a stronger working relationship between us and our customers but enables us to find the correct solution for the client and at a cost they are comfortable with and we have multiple clients that can evidence this.

We know from experience that if approached correctly,

Our experienced consultants will deliver the right options given any environment in the workplace, If you’re looking for business supplier to support your new working requirements and to increase productivity in your office, or to inquire about a product or solution, Get on touch. You’ll soon be saving your business time and capital whilst you grow more effectively in a thriving workplace.
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We’re here to support your office requirements and provide our on-demand expertise to help you stride forward. To discuss how we can work together, get in touch today.