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Cold Drinks Vending Machines

First Class Service on all Cold Drinks Vending Machines!

Find out more about how the Twist drinks machine might just be the perfect addition to the refreshment provision at your business or organisation in and around London.

Twist Cold Drinks Machine

Slim line for smaller spaces…
  • Slimline machine, perfect for small spaces
  • Flexibility to add a mixture of products
  • High energy efficiency
  • Strong environmental credentials

Comprising an elegant and uncluttered design matched with innovative technology and an impressive array of environmentally-friendly features, the compact Twist cold drinks machine is a great vending machine choice for providing a wide selection of cold drinks in areas with limited space.

With room for up to seven trays that can be moved to meet your requirements, the Twist cold drinks vending machine is a flexible solution with a well-lit interior that allows near perfect visibility of contents together with a user-friendly intuitive interface.

That flexibility also allows you to offer a mix of products that can include:

  • Cold drinks
  • Snacks
  • Sweets
  • Confectionery

The Twist cold drinks vending machine doesn’t just give you style and choice – it also provides users with the peace of mind that comes with environmentally-friendly qualities that also make it an efficient and economic addition to your staff food and drinks provision. These include:

  • High energy efficiency – with a dramatic decrease in pull down time
  • Perfect insulation of the cabinet – no loss of coolness, ever
  • Strong energy consumption rating – C on the EN 50597 scale
  • R290 gas cooling – a natural, non-toxic and  ozone-friendly refrigerant

Melodia Cold Drinks Machine

Ice Cold Drinks!…

Able to provide a large variety of products, including cans and bottles, there’s going to be something to please everyone with Necta’s Melodia. With capacity to stock up to 36 selections, you’ll be able to personalise the Melodia Cold Drinks Machine as much as is required – similarly to all of our other vending machines!

The Melodia Cold Drinks Machine has a neat and understated design, employing LED lighting on both the user interface and inside the display case. It also has plenty of space to create your own branding.

Necta’s Melodia’s selection interface is incredibly easy to use and offers a simple and quick user experience.

To guarantee that your drinks are served at the perfect temperature, the Melodia Cold Drinks Machine has technology that enables three different temperatures to be set in the machine.

  • Slimline machine, perfect for small spaces
  • Strong environmental credentials
  • Coin and contactless card payment systems
  • Optional branding

Swing Cold Drinks Machine

Total Flexibility!…
  • Great for medium and large locations
  • Ability to add snacks and confectionery to machine
  • Huge range of drinks, from cans to bottles

The Swing is a cold drink vending machine that is as flexible as you need it to be. Able to offer a huge range of refreshing drinks – from cans to bottles – it can provide your customers with a great experience, and a high-quality product.

With a large window for optimum product visibility, the Swing ensures the selection process is simple from start to finish. Customers can instantly see exactly what they want, and user friendly features enhance the vending process. The Swing’s ergonomic delivery bin and interactive keypad buttons ensure that customers get what they want, when they want it.

Even better, the Swing offers a great range of environmentally-friendly features that include:


  • High energy efficiency (class C according to the EN 50597 scale)
  • Cabinet with perfect insulation
  • Large decrease in pull down time
  • R290 gas refrigeration

This vending machine delivers great value for money, enhancing any environment. It also has the capacity to serve both medium and large locations. The Swing’s flexibility also ensures that if you want additional products in the machine – such as snacks and confectionery – they can sit happily alongside canned and bottled drinks.

Samba Top Cold Drinks Machine

Innovative technology combined with elegant design…

The Samba Top offers a flexible high capacity cold drinks vending experience to satisfy all tastes and needs by utilising a soft vend elevator enabling the delivery of heavy and fragile products from all shelves.

It also means fizzy drinks won’t need to fall from the top shelf and splash in someone’s face when opened! Stylish and contemporary, featuring a LED lit glass front and elegant aluminium side panels, Samba Top, with its neat and understated aesthetics, looks good in any environment.

  • Dispenses a range of cold drinks
  • Stylish and contemporary
  • Great for medium to large locations
  • Soft vend elevator ensuring gentle product delivery

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